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MultiClient Project of DMNG and PGS

In 2008, Dalmorneftegeophysica JSC (DMNG) in co-operation with PGS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (PGS) acquired more than 5,5000 km of high-quality (160*) multiclient 2D seismic data within Magadan Basin as well as two regional tie profiles between Magadan and North-Sakhalin basins. The seismic data has been processed and are available to oil companies. The acquired geophysical data are of significant interest; both in terms of regional geology and for re-evaluation of local resources.

MG-08 – Offshore Magadan MC 2D Seismic Data (3,609. km)

Hydrocarbon Resources of the Areas are estimated as much as 16 BBO and 39 TCF of gas. The MG-08 survey is designed as a semi-regional grid offshore Magadan. Line orientation is selected in order to match large scale trends as seen on existing seismic data.

SMR-08 – Sakhalin-Magadan MC 2D Regional Mega Profiles

1,916km Mega Profiles are located in the north-west of the Sea of Okhotsk and goes through Northern Sakhalin, Shantar, Kashevarov, Lisyansky and Magadan basins. The SMR-08 provides a tie between drilled areas such as offshore Northern Sakhalin and Magadan and more frontier areas (Shantar, Kashevarov and Lisyansky basins).

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